Future Plans

We have ambitious plans for the future, as we try to support all those who require our support.

Our current strategy covers 2010-2014 and covers five key areas:

  1. Feed more people living with HIV more often and increase the impact of our food delivery services, ensuring our services are focused where they are needed most

  2. Provide access to the nutritional information that allows service users to make better choices about the food they eat

  3. Address the growing social isolation of people living with HIV in our community

  4. Empower our service users further to lead independent lives

  5. Strengthen The Food Chain by building an organisation that provides services effectively and efficiently

A full copy of our strategic aims can be downloaded here.

In 2013, we aim to:

  • pilot meal delivery on more days of the week with the aim to provide a seven-day-a week food delivery service consisting of a mixture of meals and groceries.

  • offer more varied ways for service users to develop skills for example by joining volunteers to support Eating Together or meal preparation.

  • develop clear links between all of our services in order to provide nutrition services that are appropriate to people in all stages of living with HIV.

  • expand our range of web-based materials on nutritional information, recipes, and budgeting and shopping tips for those living with HIV.

  • utilise the kitchen to ensure our services are delivered as efficiently as possible, changing the way we purchase food to reduce costs.

  • diversify our income and use the new kitchen for fundraising activities to ensure we have the resources to continue providing services.

  • approach the end of our strategic plan we will continue to listen to, and work with service users to ensure our services develop to reflect changing needs.