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First "Food Fight" takes place at Acorn House

Last Friday, our new corporate partner GS1 UK held their away day with The Food Chain and took part in a Food Fight. Don't worry, no food was thrown during the day - instead teams battled it out to win the coveted title of Food Fight Champion.

Our Kitchen Manager, Peter Blowers, led the teams and demonstrated healthy inexpensive recipes which the teams then prepared in pairs. Connie Pena, our Dietitian, explained the nutritional value of the food and why nutrition matters so much for people living with HIV.

The teams were then scored on the taste, presentation and cookery skills / ability to follow chef's instructions!

As well as learning more about our services GS1 UK made a donation to The Food Chain from their team building budget, helping to support our services, inlcuding the Eating Positively cookery classes which we provide for people living with HIV.

If you are interested in holding your away day with The Food Chain you can find out more by emailing

If you are living with HIV, or caring for someone living with HIV, and would like to attend a specialised cookery class free of charge read more about Eating Positively here.

GS1 UK also spent time in workshops with Food Chain staff, helping to plan how their employees will support The Food Chain over the next three years. We were also delighted, and suprised, to be presented with an additional cheque for £750 from GS 1UK's fundraising efforts so far. This is enough to pay for the food in grocery hampers for twenty people who are struggling to shop for themselves.

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