Corporate Support

Employee Fundraising

Employee fundraising is shown to improve staff motivation and retention, so start a bake off, initiate a wear red day or sell red ribbons. Many companies will generously match the amount you raise. We have lots more ideas of ways to raise money in an office, to find out more simply email

Charity of the Year

If you'd like to nominate us for support as your Charity of The Year or for support from your office's charity committee then please let us know as we're always happy to come and speak about the great work of The Food Chain and it's fabulous volunteers.

We work closely with our corporate partners and offer flexible ways for companies to support us. We have a history of building lasting partnerships with organisations and find creative ways to keep your employees and customers engaged. If you'd like to talk to us about ways your company can support The Food Chain please call Charlie on 020 7843 1800 or email

Payroll giving

Set up payrollgiving or Every Penny Counts schemes for your employees - we'd be happy to come and speak to your employees about the work of The Food Chain and how their donations would be helping to change and save lives.

Pro-bono support

You may be able to offer pro bono support, in-kind consultancy, the use of meeting rooms, printing, or simply introductions to other business contacts.