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We need to raise £463,000 to ensure that people living with HIV have access to food and nutrition support, so that they can get well, stay well, and make informed decisions to lead healthy, independent lives. Our services include emergency food deliveries, HIV nutrition advice tailored to individual needs, Eating Together communal meals and Eating Positively nutrition and cookery classes.

Antiretroviral drugs control HIV infection, but good nutrition provides the immune system with the strength to repair itself. Healthy eating is vital to get the best HIV treatment outcomes because it helps the medication to be absorbed properly and provides people living with HIV the right nutrients to fight off infection and prevent weight loss and muscle wasting. Good nutrition also helps people combat the draining side-effects of the medication.

Your donation will help us respond to people’s immediate need for food and nutritional support at times of health crisis in their lives. It will also help us provide the practical tools people need to self-manage their condition for the long term. 

Thanks to the dedication of our 200 trained volunteers who help us deliver our vital services, a donation to The Food Chain goes a long way:

  • £10.00 pays for all the ingredients in two tailored meals.

  • £40.00 buys enough groceries for a week for someone who is unable to shop or can't afford to eat the appropriate food necessary to live well.

  • £80.00 pays for a nutritionist to facilitate an Eating Positively class, supporting a dozen people living with HIV to learn how to use nutrition to better manage their condition.