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What Your Donation Will Achieve

We need to raise at least £800,000 every year to ensure the most vulnerable people living with HIV in London access the food they need to get and stay well.

Your donation will help to change and save lives. Thanks to the dedication of our volunteers a donation to The Food Chain will go a long way:

  • £4 will pay for all the ingredients in two tailored meals.

  • £40 will buy enough groceries for a week for someone who is unable to shop or can't afford to eat the appropriate food necessary to live well.

  • £80 can pay for a nutritionist to facilitate an Eating Positively class, supporting a dozen people living with HIV to learn how to use nutrition to better manage their condition.



Last year for every pound donated we spent:

62p delivering meals and groceries to those who need them most.

Like half of people diagnosed with HIV in the UK, Edward was diagnosed late, when he was already ill and should have begun anti-retroviral medication.

When he was discharged from hospital we provided him with meals and groceries whilst he regained strength. Now on the correct medication and accessing the right nutrition Edward is able to live independently and now regularly volunteers for The Food Chain.

17p giving people the skills and knowledge they need to manage their HIV

By teaching people the nutrition knowledge and cookery skills they need to make good nutrition choices we can help them to lead healthy and independent lives.

Santiago had been living with HIV (and Hepatitis C) for more than 25 years when he attended an Eating Postively class. He has facial lipodystrophy (when fat accumulates unevenly) and wanted to learn how to reduce it's severity. At our Eating Positively classes he learned about healthy eating and how to help the body redistribute fat healthily.

5p recruiting, training and supporting volunteers

Our volunteers donate their time and skills to plan menus, shop for ingredients, cook meals, place grocery orders, design Food Chain communications and more! This saves The Food Chain a huge amount every year - so more of your donation can go to supporting people living with HIV. However recruiting and supporting over 200 volunteers costs money too!

14p to ensure we have sufficient resources to stay sustainable

The Food Chain fundraising costs include the costs of holding events e.g. food, drink and venue hire (all recooped in profit on the night) and two staff members who submit trust applications, report to funders and build relationships with donors. We try to keep our costs as low as possible, using volunteers to support fundraising staff and avoiding 'flash' publicity materials!

2p on governance costs

To run as a charity we need to submit audited report and accounts every year these, and other fees related to ensuring the organisation meets best-practice and charity commission guidelines, make up our governance costs.