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Christmas Day Volunteer Drivers

The Food Chain was formed on Christmas Day in 1988, and ever since then holding a Christmas Day lunch has been a big priority for us.

Christmas Day was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate a community that The Food Chain is so proud to be a part of. Christmas can be a difficult and isolating time for many people but as always, we hope that by providing a friendly, relaxed and nurturing environment we are able to ensure that Christmas at The Food Chain can be a joyful experience.

As there is no public transport on Christmas Day, we rely on the generosity of volunteer drivers to pick up our Service Users, drive them to the kitchen for dinner and then drop them off back at home at the end of the day.

If you don't have plans on Christmas Day, if you hold a valid Driver's Licence and if you like the idea of spending your day driving London's roads at their quietest, then this is the opportunity for you! All drivers would, of course, be more than welcome to join us for Christmas Dinner too.

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