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"I hope there will be more classes of this kind in the future and if I was invited again to join, I would not hesitate one moment to say: “Yes – I will be there!”"

I was invited by The Food Chain to participate in one of their cooking classes that looked at the connection of HIV and heart health. I am already practicing a healthy lifestyle as much as possible and that includes a balanced and fresh diet. Joining this class turned out to be an inspiring experience as the two facilitators (one being a chef and the other a nutritionist) were sharing their knowledge and expertise – three hours filled with useful food preparation hints, tips and tricks.

We participants were shown in a hands-on and creative approach how to prepare a nutritious and healthy meal. At the same time we learned about foods that are healthy and not so healthy, for the maintenance of optimum heart health. Towards the end of the class the group shared this wonderful homemade meal, enjoying the social aspect of eating together, an activity that so many of us lack in their daily lives. It was “ yummy”.

Hand-outs of information and healthy recipies completed a very holistic cooking experience. For me it was not only inspiring but also gave fresh hope and vision regards other, more natural possibilities to uphold well-being in the face of this - ever energy-draining - HIV infection situation.

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