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A new chapter

As the year draws to a close, as well as doing all our usual preparations for the Christmas meal service, we are looking ahead with a great deal of optimism and excitement to next year.

Our 30th anniversary is all set to be a landmark year for The Food Chain as we move premises and start up new activities in Lumen.

To see more about our future home, please click on the link below, or even better, go along for a visit to the lumen café when you get an opportunity. It really is worth a visit!

In the early months of next year we will do all the detailed legal and planning work needed to ensure we can make a smooth transition from Acorn House to lumen with minimum disruption for our service users. Our top priority will be to make sure all our services are up and running as they do now, and that all our volunteers are ready to continue in their existing roles and take up new ones according to new needs. One of the most interesting aspects of the move for all of us is that we will be running a community café for the first time. It will be great to see how we can develop that to the best advantage for our service users, as well as a source of income for the charity. I’m looking forward to my barista training! We will keep everyone informed about the plans as they develop.

We had a very busy time around World Aids Day this year, with some fantastic fundraising activities being undertaken on our behalf. We will never stop feeling grateful to the very many businesses and individuals who show their support for our work at this time of year, every year. A lot of hard work goes in to organising these events, and it is truly inspiring that The Food Chain has such a strong base of community support in London. This has always been essential to our existence, and always will be. A huge thank you to everyone who took part and supported us in any way, this World Aids Day.

I was grateful too, for the opportunity to represent The Food Chain at the World Aids Day event organised by the Terrence Higgins Trust in Nottingham, at which Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were present. It was great to meet the other charities and people living with HIV who were part of the event, and it was a pleasure to talk about our work, and give a copy of ‘Nourish’ to Prince Harry. His interest in awareness-raising and supporting HIV charities is immensely helpful in challenging HIV stigma. And who knows, perhaps our cookbook will find a good home on a royal kitchen shelf.  The recipes are so delicious and nutritious, that I very much hope so!