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May 2016: All Change!

So, the office team has moved from Acorn House to City Rd. All went well, though we did have some disruption to our phones and email for a little while, so apologies if you tried to reach us and couldn’t get through. Everything is up and running now, and we are settling in to our new neighbourhood.

The move got me thinking about how The Food Chain is all about change. When we first meet our service users they are going through significant personal changes, often at times of crisis.

Everything we do is about helping to ensure that people’s experience of our service leads to positive change - that things become better as a result of our service. It’s what we are all about.

So even though change, including an office move, can generate disruption, and all sorts of feelings, both positive and negative, our hope is that this too will lead to positive change for our service users.

We already work closely with Positively UK, and both charities are looking forward to learning more about each other’ s work and finding ways to enhance our services and bring even greater benefit to our service users. This is an exciting and energising part of our changes and we feel confident that there are good developments to come. We’ll keep you posted!

I’m really looking forward to our bingo evening on June 14th. This is great fun for bingo novices and experts alike. I think this evening is almost sold out, so do hurry if you would like a place.

Bingo on 14th June

I’m pleased to say I made it through the Hackney Half marathon in one piece, and subsequently thoroughly enjoyed this month’s recipe from Nourish.

The Pork & Apple burger made a nice change from the more traditional beef burger, and I confess that I did add a side portion of baked sweet potato wedges as a reward for my efforts!

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