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August 2015: What a difference your donations make

We’re having a very busy time in the office at the moment preparing for our annual fundraising event on 22 October and for World Aids Day events in December. This year we are hosting a black tie dinner, and for the first time we will be running our auction online, so people will be able to place bids, whether they are present at the event or not. There’s some great lots to be bid for if you fancy a go!

The preparation for these events always gets me thinking about how very important the support of our individual supporters and donors is for The Food Chain. Whether the event is an individual one, a small one, or a very large one such as the dinner, we are hugely grateful for the massive efforts made on our behalf, and for the income raised.

Last year, 40% of our total income was raised from events and donations.

This significant financial support is crucial to us and without it we simply wouldn’t be able to respond to the ever increasing need for our services.

Each month, we are receiving a greater number of referrals for people in great need of our support compared with the figures from last year. For example in July, 77 people were referred to us, compared with 59 in July 2014.

The day to day reality for more and more people living with HIV in London is a serious struggle to afford the food they need or to meet their daily living costs.

The impact on people’s physical and mental health is undeniable, and at times, completely devastating.

That’s why our fundraising activities are so important. Charities are sometimes criticised for running fundraising events, but what I know for sure is that each and every contribution that is made to make these events a success results in tangible benefits for our service users.

So, I feel very proud to invite you to join in our fundraising events this year in whatever way suits you best. Whether we meet at a black tie dinner, or sporting a Food Chain t-shirt and collection tin in Soho or elsewhere, I’ll be delighted to see you.

I don’t think we need be shy about raising the money that makes such a difference, so let’s go out in the world and give it our best effort!

I was lucky enough to be on holiday from work during August, so I had a bit of time at home and decided to make my first attempt at a homemade meringue. I really love meringue but understand it to be a bit of a tricky bake! So, I followed a Ruby Tandoh recipe, from her book ‘Crumb’ that I was given as a Christmas present last year. Amazingly, it worked. I had a delicious pavlova with mango and raspberries. Naughty, I know but I was on holiday. Thanks, Ruby.

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