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September 2016 - Small acts of kindness

What a busy time we’ve had in August with community fundraising events! The cake-bakers and runners, the supper-goers and party animals have all done us proud in venues and events across London. It is a source of real encouragement and motivation for everyone involved with The Food Chain to see how much time and effort people put in to raising money for us to provide our vital services. All these events are great fun, but they also take a lot of preparation and organisation and we are truly grateful for every single contribution.

I was chatting to one service user at an Eating Together lunch recently. He was asking about how the charity is able to offer the services we do. He was genuinely moved when he heard about all the things people do for The Food Chain. He told me that his grandmother always used to say to him that kindness is a language that everyone can learn and everyone can understand.

He said he had experienced nothing but kindness at The Food Chain and that now he understood why. All those individual acts of kindness in supporting our work makes the charity work, and we can all feel very grateful for that.

Thank you everyone. 

I’ve been lucky enough to have some holiday time in Italy this summer, and I can assure you, I made the most of the Mediterranean diet, which we know has such positive benefits. I wonder if that includes the very nice wine?

Back at home, I sampled the Sardine and new potato salad from ‘Nourish’. A very simple dish to prepare and quite yummy.