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Come rain or shine or even proper snow!

Spring is finally on its way, I think, even after the glance back to winter of the last couple of weeks. Despite the impact of the snowy weather on transport in London that affected both travel and grocery deliveries, we were able to continue all our services without too much disruption. In fact, our Eating Together lunches were very well attended throughout - testament to the fact that the lunch service is very much needed by our services users. People travelled for 2 hours or more to get to us, and for some our lunches were the only guaranteed hot meal of the week. A big thank you to all our fantastic volunteers who also made sure the serving of a hot meal was possible, whatever the weather. Come rain or shine or even proper snow, The Food Chain can be depended on. 

During April as the Spring flowers break through, we are going to be starting up a new venture with our friends at Positive East. We already work closely with Positive East in supporting the people they refer to us, and as part of the UK Aids Memorial Quilt Partnership.

You can read more about their great work here

The Positive East building, close to Stepney Green tube station, has within it a lovely cafe  and social space where service users can spend time together, use the computers that are there, hold social support groups or sit and have a nice cup of tea! Staff can also meet there and spend informal time with colleagues and service users too. 

In recent months, the cafe has not been serving meals at lunchtime and this service has been much missed. So, with the support of funding from Wandsworth Oasis we are going to work in partnership to re-open the cafe on 3 days each week, starting in mid-April. We're excited to planning the menu and we are also sharing ideas about other activities that can take place in the cafe area for the benefit of all our service users. 

So, if you find yourself in east London, do call in for a cup of tea or a Food Chain lunch. We'll be very pleased to welcome you. Or if you would like a café based volunteering opportunity in that neck of the woods, do let Anna know. The café will be open on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday each week. Some of the UK Aids Memorial Quilt panels are also on display in the building, and well worth seeing. 

Thank you to volunteer Sam Brewster for the beautifully designed logo to mark our 30 years.