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December 2014: Good Times and New Directions

What a busy time we had at The Food Chain in December. There was a huge amount of activity early in the month and then some lovely calmer days over the festive season, doing what we do best, providing nourishing and delicious meals for people who really need them. Thank you to everyone who gave so much in December. We know you hold the Food Chain in your hearts all year round but we are reminded of that most of all at this time of year. I was away in Yorkshire over the holiday and had a lovely, restful time. Back at my desk with new energy.

And so a new year begins and we have much to look forward to in 2015. During January we will be meeting with George House Trust, who provide excellent support services for people living with HIV in Manchester. They already do brilliant work, including providing some emergency grocery supplies, and we are delighted that through working together we will be able to support them in developing an Eating Positively type of service too. All being well, our involvement will mean they can establish a course that will be every bit as successful for the longer term as our own cookery and nutrition classes are. For many years The Food Chain has hoped to share the work we do and extend the reach of our services to people outside of London and this is a great first step in that direction. Don’t worry though, we have no plans to move The Food Chain, or set up in new places – we’re very happy and settled in Acorn House and looking forward to working alongside our sector colleagues in London this year, as well as in pastures new.  

I do find new year a natural time for reflection, though I don’t always make resolutions. I have a Food Chain related one for this year though, and that is to do all I can to ensure that as we build new relationships and share our work with new people we bring to the task the same spirit and long established ethos of love, care and attention that was there in the beginning and remains at the heart of The Food Chain. That way, things should work out well!

I did enjoy lots of festive food and treats over the holiday so I am going light with this month’s recipe to get me back on track. This Mackerel pate was one of the recipes that featured in our extra EP classes in December. Nice and simple and very tasty for a working day lunch.

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