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It's a bumper edition!

Even the fastest of speed readers can’t help but notice that this month our newsletter is just jam- packed with stories of fantastic people dong fantastic things in support of The Food Chain.

We are incredibly lucky to have such a strong and loyal community of supporters who turn out for us year after year to show they care about the work we do, and help us raise the essential funding needed to keep on doing it.

So to those of you who have supported us for many years, and to friends who have joined us this year, we say a very big thank you.

It is both humbling and immensely motivating to know that so many people care, and want to do something to help support people living with HIV at times of need.

I faced a fundraising challenge of my own this month, as part of the 3 Peaks team, and I know just how hard everyone worked to achieve our shared goal. It was an amazing experience and leaves me knowing that we have the strongest possible team of trustees looking after The Food Chain. You’d have to go a very long way to find another charity where the trustees and CEO have done such a thing together! There is no doubt we are made of strong stuff, and this will stand us in good stead for whatever our next challenge may be. Whatever it is, I’m pretty sure it won’t be quite as tough as climbing up a very rocky path on England’s highest mountain, in the dark!

The next walk I took with Food Chain friends was somewhat easier and a real pleasure, in the Pride march in central London. The atmosphere was celebratory and fun, but our purpose was also strong – to show our pride in diversity, our commitment to social justice for all, and this year, especially, to mark the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in the UK. There are many influences in the world that could erode our hard won freedoms, and it feels increasingly important to keep moving forwards, against such pressures.  

Last month, I shared some of our ‘Nourish’ recipes with friends, and I’m very happy to report they have been using them. So, this month our featured recipe is the Cod & Vegetable bake, prepared for a table in Stafford, and polished off very nicely, thank you!