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January 2014: Winter Days

I’m writing this on a very cold and rainy January day that reminds me of how nourishing and comforting good food is. We have an Eating Together meal going on in the kitchen today and there’s an apple crumble on the menu that has to be one of my winter favourites. On such days I feel very proud that The Food Chain brings not just nutritious food to people in particular need but also a link with a community, a sense of connection, caring and warmth that you can’t put a nutritional value on but that we know does us all a whole lot of good.

Our services are ever changing and change is not always easy for people. This month we’ve been hearing from service users about how the new way we are providing groceries is going down. By far the majority of feedback is positive and one man summed it all up beautifully for us when he wrote to say

“I think the fixed shopping list is a great idea.... The Food Chain is more like having food prescribed as a medicine with an objective, and your help is bringing me back to life again! Thanks for being there….”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves! I thought I’d better see for myself how it works so this month’s recipe is taken from the suggested weekly meal planner that goes with our new shopping lists. I chose the salmon and veg with sweet potato mash that is part of the high energy nutrient diet plan. It’s the kind of food I like to eat and it was quite relaxing to have the choice made for me rather than to decide what to eat that day. Also very easy to prepare. Good plan!

In the office we have heard from Tina that she is settling in well to her role in Rwanda but missing cups of tea!

We are making good progress working with Trustees to finalise our strategic plan for 2014-2019 and are expecting to share more news of that early in the new financial year that starts in April. So it’s as busy as ever and I’m looking forward to another full and rewarding year ahead. Hope to see you all along the way.