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July 2015: Having fun in the Kitchen!

There are some interesting developments underway for our services in London this summer. Partnership working is one of the aims of our current strategy and we are pleased to be finding ways to respond to particular needs along with our sector colleagues. Ever since we began the Eating Positively nutrition and cookery classes we have held them in our Acorn house kitchen and also run demonstration classes in a number of different venues for people who receive support from other HIV charities such as Positive East, Body & Soul and Positively UK.

The folk at Living Well, which is based over in west London have also been along for the classes during the daytime – and they were very interested in giving their service users the opportunity to come and do the course in the evening, as there was demand and interest from people who are out at work during the day. So, we have now run our first course of Eating Positively evening classes, and they have been a great success.

I helped out as a kitchen assistant at one of the sessions, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was a very nice change from my usual tasks, with a most satisfying outcome – I now regularly have the fruit smoothie with added brazil nuts for my breakfast!

It’s a very simple and quick recipe, and a good way of starting the day with some fruit in your diet. You can also add oats, or a bit of muesli, or whatever fruit takes your fancy.

In September we are also running an evening supper group for people who have the dual diagnosis of HIV and Hepatitis C. There have been some important developments in the treatment of Hepatitis C in recent times and we have teamed up with our colleagues at the Mortimer Clinic to provide a space where people can learn about their treatments options and share their experiences of HIV and Hepatitis C in the safe, informal atmosphere of our lovely kitchen.

Many of our service users have told us how difficult it is to manage Hepatitis as well as HIV and that there seems to be very little specialist support and advice available to them. We hope this supper evening will prove helpful, and if it does, we will run it on a regular basis.

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