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June 2015: Celebrating our fantastic volunteers

What a good month June was for celebrating the work and splendid contribution of all our volunteers. It was great to chat to people at the Volunteer Party, and to relax with a drink and nice nibbles rather than just sharing a brief ‘hello’ in the somewhat busy setting of the kitchen or office! It’s always inspiring to hear about what people do when they are not giving their time and talents to The Food Chain. We have such a rich range of experiences and skills amongst our volunteers and the generosity of spirit that keeps people giving their time and energy year after year is boundless. It’s extremely impressive!

It was also fun, as always, to join volunteers on the Pride march. It was a lovely sunny day and proudly sauntering down the middle of Oxford Street on a Saturday afternoon is very satisfying indeed. There were lots of good ideas shared about how to make the march even more fun next year – so that will be one not to miss. Our Food Chain family is diverse, vibrant, fun and passionate about the work we do. I feel privileged to witness this every month of the year.

The office team also spent a day together this month, out of the office, reflecting on the changes and events of the past year and sharing our ideas and hopes for the future. We have some exciting projects developing that will help The Food Chain tell the story of the impact our services have on people’s lives, backed up with research drawn from our service users’ experiences. People tell us every day of small and big differences our work makes, and it will be good be able to share this with the wider world as we publish our research findings.

We sometimes have themes at our Eating Together lunch sessions, so this month’s recipe is from our Greek menu. This vegetarian dish is Spanakopita – delicious filo pastry filled with spinach and cheese yumminess! Our volunteer cook, Saima did a fine job on this recipe! Thank you.

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