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March 2015: It's all about food!

You won’t be at all surprised to hear that we talk about food a lot in the Food Chain office and kitchen. A day doesn’t go by without someone sharing a recipe or chatting about the latest thinking about sugar, salt, fats or other aspects of what goes to make up a nutritionally well balanced diet. And like most people, our team of staff and volunteers spend time and effort trying to get that good balance for ourselves as well as for our service users. It’s all about the food!

We are, therefore, very excited to be working on a new cookery book project for publication later this year. Many of you will know of the Ian Craddock Cookery book that was an earlier incarnation of a Food Chain cookery book. This was a project put together in 2011 in memory of Ian who was a lead cook with the Food Chain, the chair of the Kitchen Committee and subsequently a Trustee. Thanks to the wizardry of some skilled IT people, this web-based material is now available to us again, and as we create our 2015 version of a Food Chain Cookery book, we will draw on this great resource and Food Chain tradition. The years may have gone by but the cycle continues. We have current day volunteers involved in the project – helping select, cook up and photograph the recipes we will include as well as checking out the nutritional values of each dish and designing our lovely book. Our theme is going to be eating well on a low budget and the book will be available to buy at a very reasonable price – I know you will all want one, so we’ll keep you posted about the publication date.

As I may have said before, I have a very sweet tooth. Sadly, it is also the case that baking is not my strong suit in the kitchen. I don’t know why, I just don’t always get it right with cakes and such like. That doesn’t stop me trying though – I’m determined to get better at it, and as we had a birthday to celebrate in the office recently I gave it another go with these almond and lemon fairy cakes. There’s a lot of talk about the excess of sugar in our diets at the moment (hard to hear for people like me who love sweet things but also want to eat well). This recipe uses maple syrup as the sweetener and also contains ground almonds. These strong flavours meant I could use less sugar than a standard recipe, and it did still taste good. Maybe there’s hope for my baking skills and my sugar intake, yet.

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  • Amanda Falkson

    4th April 2015

    How exciting to read about this Cook Book Siobhan! I look forward to its appearance.