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May 2015: Cooking up a storm in Manchester!

One of the highlights of May for me was my visit to Manchester for the celebration of the Food for Life project. Everyone has been working very hard and with great enthusiasm to give the project its best possible start, and the early results are just fantastic.

The first set of participants completed the Eating Positively course and turned out in style for the graduation party. Everybody completing the course was very happy to have done so, and the celebration was a truly meaningful recognition of their hard work. It was a joyful occasion – a really good reminder of how this work can make such a huge difference for people. The participants talked about how they had gained knowledge, skills and confidence about nutrition and cooking. Without exception they talked about using the recipes at home too.

One person spoke of how he hadn’t been out of his home much at all for the previous two years. He had been feeling depressed and withdrawn.


He said when he saw the details of the Food for Life project he thought, “That sounds good, that’s something for me”. Now, at the end of the course, he is signing up to be a volunteer for future ones. His verdict is “It’s been fantastic”!

We know from our work in London how this works, but it was just lovely to see the magic happening somewhere new and being part of helping it happen. I feel very proud that The Food Chain has this as a strategic aim for the coming years – sharing our knowledge and skills with a wider audience is very rewarding. A huge thank you to everyone involved in Manchester and London. We’re enjoying our partnership and look forward to our future collaborations.

This month’s recipe is one of the ones on our website. I was looking for something fairly quick and easy, and the Pork Chops with Caramelized onion fitted the bill nicely. Minty peas too. Very satisfying!

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