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November 2015: What a difference a day makes

There’s no doubt that World AIDS Day gives The Food Chain a great opportunity to tell the general public about our work and draw attention to the continuing need for both prevention work and the ongoing support needs of people living with HIV. This year we have been as busy as it is possible to be doing that! Our fantastic volunteers and staff team have all been out and about spreading the word.We have an immensely creative, dedicated and loyal community of supporters all over London and in other parts of the country, and it is truly inspiring that new people join their ranks every year.

We offer particular thanks around 1 December, but we also know that our supporters’ efforts continue day in and day out, throughout the year, and they make it possible for us to raise the essential funding we need to provide our services.

Without the thousands of individual donations people make we simply wouldn’t be able to do what we do.

It’s hard to convey in words our thanks and gratitude for this support, so I’m delighted that this year we have another way to show how important your help is. Our new short film very eloquently demonstrates the difference our services can make. This is why we all do what we do, and I hope you will take the time to take a look and see the great impact we make together.

I feel our new short film is the best way we have of saying thank you.

In a quieter moment on World AIDS Day, I was also glad to attend an event organised by the Make a Difference Trust at St Paul’s, Covent Garden - the lovely venue for our annual carol service. The choir performed John Rutter’s Requiem, and there were readings that reflected both on loss and the celebration of lives lived with HIV. It was a very gentle and reflective event to mark this important day.

This month’s recipe is one I found by putting the words squash and minced lamb in to one of those recipe apps, as I had both of these at home needing to be used. This was the result and, with a couple of adaptations (I had macaroni and parmesan cheese in the cupboard) it turned out nice! I think roasted squash is one of my favourite vegetables.

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