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October 2015: It's red ribbon time again!

Autumn is well and truly here and we are settling in to a busy season of activities at The Food Chain – both for service delivery and out in the world, raising awareness and fundraising for World Aids Day on Tuesday 1 December.

Please don’t forget to wear your red ribbon this year, and talk to people about what it means. Awareness raising about HIV remains as important as ever. The latest UK HIV statistics for 2014 show that we are still seeing an increase in new HIV infections every year. It really doesn’t need to be that way, and greater awareness and knowledge about how to prevent HIV is what will make the difference.

Every ribbon worn is a potential conversation that could mean one less new infection.

We will be packing in as many Eating Positively classes as we possibly can up until December, and we are really pleased to be joining forces with Positive East to provide a Christmas day meal this year. Alongside our other services that will run as usual, this means that service users will be able to access good food and good company right through the Christmas period – a time that can be very isolating and lonely for some. This has always been an important time of year for The Food Chain, as Christmas day 1988 was the first day on which we provided food to those in need. Even though HIV service needs have changed in many ways over those years, I feel proud that our fantastic volunteers and staff team are still able to offer this simple act of hospitality and kindness. It is the very essence of what we do and who we are. Thank you to everyone who has signed up to help so far, and if you would still like to, please contact Fran who will tell you more.

How exciting it is to have The Food Chain Cookbook in our sights too. That’s a good few of my Christmas presents sorted!

I’ve been seeing the recipes and photographs of the delicious food appearing in the office over the last few months as the book has been designed, and I have now had a sneak preview of the final publication. So, taking advantage of this privileged position I have tried out the Garlic, squash & halloumi pasta dish. This recipe feels right for Autumn – it’s lovely and warming and rich and creamy tasting. A good filler-upper on a misty evening.

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