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September 2015: Helping people get back on their feet

We have had many reminders over this summer of how valuable The Food Chain service is to our service users. Many of you will have seen the example featured on our Facebook page that illustrated how isolated people can become, and how difficult daily life can be.

In the same week, Zoe also did an assessment call with a woman newly referred to us. She spoke of how it is a frequent occurrence for her three children to go off to school without having had any breakfast because she has nothing to give them. She said they were very good about it, and they never complained. This mother is regularly missing her own meals to feed her children.

Although our support is short term, there are times when it makes such a significant difference to someone that they speak of it having saved their lives.

There is no doubt that at the time they are referred to us, our service users are in crisis. For some they are at the lowest ebb they have ever known in their lives. I think we can be proud that our service plays a part in helping people get back on their feet. We don’t have the resources to help people for the longer term, but we can be grateful that the difference we do make is at times, life-changing.

I’m glad to say we also quite often hear how things improve and circumstances get better for very many of the people we support.

I hope you’ve also seen news this month of the Give4Sure shopping app. I’ve downloaded it, and already used it, and it really does work! One nice feature is that you get to see how much of a donation your personal shopping has raised, and how much we are raising together by using the app. This could be a good time to start using it – I expect quite a few of us will be doing some online shopping in the next few months. Go on, give it a go!

I’ve been enjoying these last sunny days of September and being able to still sit out on my balcony at home to eat my lunch. This month’s recipe is a very tasty kale based recipe that I tried last weekend.

My kale was green, rather than black, and I added in pomegranate for a bit of crunch and colour. It all worked out fine, easy to do and quite delicious.

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