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February 2017: The Fun of Fundraising

There are many special things about The Food Chain, not least of which is the tremendous support we get from so many people, from different walks of life, who each find a way to help us out and sustain the vital services we provide.

I think it’s great that people can do this for us and have fun at the same time, and this Valentine’s week, we have certainly been feeling the love at The Food Chain. On one evening we had a brilliant band of bakers in the kitchen, creating delicious baked goods with the guidance of our very talented volunteer Philippa Munro. Then on the Wednesday evening, we had a completely jam-packed kitchen full of bingo-goers joining in the fun with the glamorous Topsie Redfern at the helm. At the same time over at The Duke of Wellington in Soho, Martha D’Arthur was posing difficult questions to tax the brains of the quiz-goers over a refreshing drink. That’s a lot of people having a good time and raising funds at the same time.  So, don’t let anyone tell you fundraising for a cause you care about can’t also be fun!

On the same theme, last year I took part in the Hackney Half Marathon to do my own bit of fundraising for The Food Chain. So what will it be this year, I hear you ask? Well, it just so happens that some of our fantastic Trustees have decided they will do the 3 Peaks Challenge this year to raise money for The Food Chain.  Aha, I thought, this is a walking challenge, a gentler pace, and that would be a nice change. I’ll join in too. I then discovered that it involves climbing the highest mountains in England, Scotland and Wales within 24 hours – but I had already said yes. So, there we have it – I will be walking for The Food Chain this year, albeit up and down some very high hills. Like I said, fundraising can be fun!

My walking boots have been dusted off, and more details of this great team effort will follow, as our adventure begins. Watch this space!

If you can think of fun ways to raise money for The Food Chain, do please get in touch with us at and we will see how we can support your efforts. Thank you for your great support.