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What an achievement!

We are beyond grateful for the fantastic support shown to The Food Chain by so many people in the last 3 months.

It is such a huge shared achievement to have first reached, and then gone beyond, the £40,000 public fundraising target we set for the end of September. 

This, along with some positive results from charitable Trusts brings The Food Chain to a much stronger financial position for the rest of this financial year and in to the next.

It is testament to the hard work and commitment of the many thousands of people who have been part of our story since 1988 that the campaign has been successful. Our challenge now is to continue this great effort and do all we can to secure sustainability for the future of our services. 

Every day we meet people who are facing a crisis in their lives – whether through poor physical or mental health, or because of a wide range of other social and welfare needs relating to poverty, lack of food, poor housing or homelessness. For as long as this need is there – and we very much wish it wasn’t - the services provided by us are a crucial lifeline and we will do all we can to keep them going. We all know that these are difficult times for charities like The Food Chain, but we have focus, determination and a huge amount of support from the community and that makes all the difference. 

As you can see, we have a busy season of events coming up in the next few months. All the team will be involved in different ways, and we’ll look forward to seeing you along the way.