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December's Volunteer Star: Robbie

"Without a doubt The Food Chain kitchen is one of the most extraordinary and wonderful places I have had the pleasure to be in."

‘Robbie is very jolly and makes sure all the volunteers have a good time on shift.' - Just some the words of praise (and there were many) for this month’s Volunteer Star, Robbie Grantham Wise.

A chef by profession, Robbie volunteers as a Lead Teaching Cook at Eating Positively and has been part of the kitchen team at Eating Together too. He was nominated not only members of staff but also by a fellow volunteer via the online Volunteer a Star form found in the Volunteer Members area of the website.

Volunteer Emily Heller explains why she put Robbie forward:

"Having volunteered as a Kitchen Assistant for some time, it was a real pleasure to be on shift with Robbie. His enthusiasm, energy and great creative ideas were inspiring and energising. Both the Kitchen Assistants and the service users appreciated the look and taste of his food. A breath of fresh air in the kitchen!"

Peter, our Kitchen Services Manager, agrees:

‘Robbie's so spectacular in the kitchen. When he is a Lead Cook, his meals are like high class restaurant food in taste and presentation. He’s a professional chef and always passes on helpful advice to services users and volunteers. Overall, a joy to work with.'

On hearing the news Robbie was a little lost for words, but said this:

"I'm not sure what to say as I'm a little overwhelmed, such an honour truly... Having worked in kitchens all over the world for some of the greatest names, without a doubt The Food Chain kitchen, along with its staff and volunteers, is one of the most extraordinary and wonderful places I have had the pleasure to be in."

Don’t forget, if you’ve seen some shine in the kitchen or office don’t keep it to yourself, nominate them for next month’s Volunteer Star!