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New Staff Member 2017: Emmy West, The Food Chain Dietitian

Name: Emmy West

Job title: Dietitian

What does your job involve day-to-day? I conduct telephone assessments for new service users to determine which services are best suited for their needs, and give advice around diet and food as necessary. My aim is to ensure the contents of the grocery deliveries are nutritionally adequate, suitable for their health requirements and include foods that they will enjoy.

How long have you been working at The Food Chain? I started in February, although I volunteered for the Food Chain in the past as a kitchen assistant.

What did you do before The Food Chain? I worked as a dietitian for an organisation supporting older and vulnerable adults living in the community – in fact I still work for them on the days I am not at the Food Chain. Before becoming a dietitian I worked in a variety of different sectors including translation and video games!

What is the most memorable volunteer shift you've done for The Food Chain? Good or Bad! Making a meal for Eating Together on Christmas eve was a real highlight for me. It was lovely spending time with the service users, staff and volunteers during my favourite time of the year.

What's the best meal you've ever had? Who were you with? This is a difficult question as I love food so much every meal I have is the best! If I had to pick it would be the chicken satay I had when I was visiting friends in Malaysia. It was at a simple stall on our way to visiting a temple but it might have been the best tasting thing I have ever had.

If you're not in the Food Chain kitchen what's your favourite way to spend a Saturday?Binging on Netflix and drinking copious amounts of tea!

Favourite film and why? Amélie. I love everything about this film, but especially how it reminds you that small things in life can bring you so much joy.