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Spring Office Picnic: Launch Event 2014

We are celebrating the start of this year’s Spring Office Picnic fundraiser with a special Launch Event at our Acorn House kitchen on Friday 7 March.

Picnicky food will be on offer on the day in the form of scrumptious snacks, super-healthy salads and a range of wholesome, savoury dishes. Doors via our Swinton Street entrance/exit will open at 12pm, when lunch will begin being served, and will close at 2.30pm.

Our healthy lunch offer is open to all and for just 4 pounds, we think that dodging a working lunch and heading to Acorn House instead is the perfect way to end a busy week. Recipes for all our picnic dishes will be on display during lunch, and you can talk to Peter Blowers, our Kitchen Manager, and our fabulous volunteer chefs for further guidance on the ingredients used. Remember to take a snap of the recipes on your camera phone; this way you won’t need to memorise what we’ve rustled up when planning dishes for your own Spring Office Picnic!

If you'd like a version the event flyer (right) to share round your office before 7 March, simply get in touch.

This Launch is one of three planned events at Acorn House taking place to mark each month of the Spring Office Picnic. This is an opportunity for colleagues at work or friends in the community to bring in a healthy picnic dish, share lunch together and donate the 4 pounds usually spent on a sushi or a sandwich to The Food Chain.

The fundraiser runs from 1 March to 31 May. All you need to do to get involved is to set a date (at work or in your community), request a Spring Office Picnic pack via and prepare a nutritious dish for the day of your picnic. Don’t forget the all-important 4 pound donation per dish you will make, which we’ll spend supporting people living with HIV in London.

Once the picnic food is gone, it's gone - so get in there quickly!