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Help us win the Starbucks' Red Cup Cheer Campaign!

We’ve been selected as one of Starbucks’ #redcupcheer charities!

During the festive period, Starbucks is supporting 200 great causes, including The Food Chain.

Each participating cause will receive a donation of either £500 or £1000 depending how much ‘noise’ is generated for them on Twitter and between Monday 16 November and Sunday 6 December.

We're in with a chance of winning a £1000 donation. But we need your help!


To support our campaign and help us generate the most ‘noise’:

We're hoping to receive a £1000 donation. This amount would help us provide a 'package of care' in support of a recently diagnosed person being discharged from hospital, with acute ill-health including a high viral load and low immune system, new medications and possibly secondary infections.

  • Consultation with a Dietitian = £112
  • 6 weeks of grocery deliveries @ £40 = £240
  • 3 months (13 weeks) of twice weekly Eating Together meals @ £18  = £468
  • 5 Eating Positively nutrition and cookery classes = £180