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The Food Chain Remembers Luke G


Our tribute to Luke Goymer

1979 - 2020

The Food Chain was a home from home for Luke. He first came to us in 2013 at a time when he was facing health challenges and coming out of a period of depression. It was a hard time and The Food Chain was able to offer that first service of essential groceries and essential kindness and care that comes with all we do. For Luke that was the start of an important chapter in his life. In the seven years since, he became an integral part of The Food Chain Family as a service user, a volunteer and a colleague. 

Until we are able to host a proper memorial for Luke in our kitchen, we have opened this online book of condolences for those who knew him to share memories and thoughts about Luke. If you would like to add a message, please email Anna on

Rest in peace our dear friend.


My dear friend I’m so so sad you’ve left us at such a young age. You were a true champion of goodness and kindness. Also a true supporter for The Food Chain with all you did for us and I knew you would be there if I called out for you. You did so much to help us and help others and you will be truly missed by so many.

God bless RIP my friend and my colleague. Missing you xxxx Peter


Still cannot believe that Luke is no longer with us such a tragedy and so young.  What shall I do now when I'm short of a lead cook, kitchen assistant or host?  I shall miss Luke's emails telling me he is available and eager to help.  I could always rely on him to fill a slot.  Will be greatly missed and forever in my heart and thoughts.  Thanks Luke for all that you gave to the Food Chain we will miss you. RIP. xx 

Love Judith x


I met Luke on my first shift many years ago, and we had an immediate bond over the delights of Colliers Row.

Over the years Luke and I shared ET , Office Picnics and Bingo shifts.

However it was our many months at the PE cafe that I will remember most. In the small kitchen three days a week Luke showed me a very different side to his character . He was so happy being there, learning new recipes, sharing the washing up, but mostly he loved being able to show that he was one step ahead of me to the point he even made cakes.

I will greatly miss Luke, and wish him the peace he so deserved 

Alice H


I remember Luke bubbling over with energy and enthusiasm in the kitchen and it was such delight so see.  So saddened to hear of his passing so young and thoughts are with his friends and family. I’m sure his spirit will live on in The Food Chain kitchen, may he rest in peace.

Fran Xx 

I really loved his sense of humour and his optimistic approach to life and his smile and his passion for preparing food


I am absolutely heartbroken about Luke, he was such a kind soul. I know this year had been a difficult start, but he was finally getting to a good place. He was always so friendly & chatty & no matter what life threw at him, he’d pick himself up & start again. We will miss him terribly, there will be a Luke-shaped hole in the kitchen. Goodbye my friend, sleep well.

Helen C


I was very fond of him I will surely miss him. May he rest in peace.

Joy M


May he rest in peace. My thoughts go out to his friends and family.


I remember him well and am saddened by this news.  Rest in peace Luke.


I’m so shocked and saddened to hear about Luke, I send my condolences to his family, gone far too soon. Bless him.


I can't believe we won't see him again in the food chain kitchen. He was an integral part of TFC.


Taken too soon. Much love.


He was always very bright and cheerful in the kitchen and proud of what he could produce. He will be sadly missed by a lot of people.


He really was at the heart of the Food Chain. I am terribly sorry. I remember how immensely proud Luke was of his part in The Food Chain film and how he grinned from ear to ear at the showing. It was clear then and remained clear that the Food Chain played a big and positive part in Luke's life.

Teresa R


I’ll always remember Luke for his willingness to help, no questions asked, he would just give everything he could. I also loved how excited he would be about the next idea he had or the giddy excitement of a romantic interest.


I am so sorry and truly at a loss for words. He was so smiley, joyous and serious at the same time. Life really is short. My love and thoughts to his nearest and dearest.


That is an unexpected, tragic and shocking news. May his soul rests in peace Amen.


Such sad news. He was a very lively and engaging character and very kindhearted man. Far too young to die. 


This is incredibly sad news. It makes me very sad and emotional indeed. I will miss him dearly. Lost for words really.


Luke was so much fun and what a great chef. So sad.

Claudia M


I remember him as kind, funny and enthusiastic, with a gentle spirit. He was always happy to help others and easily made people feel comfortable. Whenever I saw him he would talk excitedly about the next opportunity that was just in sight on the horizon for him. I always left the kitchen with a deep hope that, whatever it was, it would work out for him and he'd find the happiness and peace of mind he always seemed to be searching for.


May he rest in peace, and may the many memories of him stay with us for a long time.


Luke was such a jolly chap. We will miss him.  


I remember Luke as such a kind and lovely person. Please send my deepest condolences to his dear family.


He was such a lovely character, he made me feel really welcome at The Food Chain in a really special way, with such warmth. I only met him a handful of times but he made a big impression. 


I loved his energy and openness, he was such a huge part of The Food Chain ‘family’. We will miss him so much. RIP Luke.


When I think of my time working at The Food Chain, I often think of you Luke. You were an asset to The Food Chain kitchen and community - a hard worker, talented chef and above all, a lovely bloke. It was always a pleasure to chat and hear about all the great progress you were making. Rest in peace mate.

Charlie x


Our sincere Condolences. It was a pleasure to have known Luke. May God Almighty Give him a Peaceful Rest. It's our Humble wish that the Family at large be comforted at this trying time. Stay Blessed.


Luke was such a fixture in the kitchen at Food Chain: always willing to pitch in and do whatever was needed to make sure lunch was served but I never did manage to persuade him to bake a cake! When we finally get to return to the FC kitchen it won't be the same without him. A very sad loss.

Emily H


Cherish the memories he created within The Food Chain. I will always remember him for cheerful and loving nature in the kitchen. We will miss Luke at Eating Together in the kitchen. My sincere condolences.

I worked with Luke at Positive East and I'm saddened to learn that he's no longer with us.  Luke dedicated much of his life to caring for and supporting so many of us in need and always had a cheery smile on his face no matter what.  He brought so much to our organisation he'll be missed forever.  So long Luke.  You were ace!

Luke was a guest at one of the early 'Eating Together' sessions at Acorn House & we got on well from the start, as he did with all whom he met.  He was lively, interesting & ambitious with hopes and plans for his future many of which he was able to realise.  I was delighted to see him do so well and sad when poor health intervened, sadder still that he had not the opportunity to recover.  Although we had not met for a while we kept in touch on facebook & I shall miss him

Lesley D

His cheerful and optimism were infectious and it is incredibly sad that such a lovely person was taken from us so young. He was inspirational and I feel very sad when I think that he is no longer here.


I was very sad when I read about Luke passed away. I remember when I meet him the first time, coming to a garden visit at Calthorpe. He was not able to concentrate and I ask him to harvest some potatoes with a fork. He was doing very well the task and mentioned that he used to do that with his dad when he was a kid. Another nice memory with him was when he told me that he was starting the cookery course. He was feeling so proud and me too. We celebrate with a big hug. I will remember his smile when very happy, he was telling me that he cooked some meals for us.

He will be always in spirit at The Food chain.