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The Tavern's Got Talent!

On Friday 21 March, the Royal Vauxhall Tavern (RVT) hosted the ‘Tavern’s Got Talent’, a unique talent show held in support of The Food Chain.

A brilliant £1223 was raised at the venue during a similar fundraiser in 2009, so the pressure was on to emulate the fundraising effort of five years ago and put on a spectacular show for Vauxhall’s punters. However, with a venue as organised and friendly as the RVT, an entertaining and profitable fundraiser was never in doubt. Following an evening of outstanding entertainment, we discovered the 2009 amount had been surpassed and an incredible total of £1729.90 had been raised to feed the fight against HIV.

After a heated contest and a tense audience vote, ‘Dr Woof’ was crowned the Tavern’s Got Talent victor after wowing the judging panel with his performances. Simon Le Vans, Stewart Who? and Titti La Camp were fabulous yet formidable in their assessment of the talent on display, ensuring the seven brave participants were kept firmly on their toes throughout.

We would like to thank the performers, the judges, the hugely supportive RVT crowd, and the RVT and its staff for a superb fundraising effort. Our thanks also go to Debbieanne O’Donovan, who worked hard to ensure everything was in place for a successful evening. An album of photos from the night can be found by clicking here.

Tavern’s Got Talent will now run as a yearly event in the RVT calendar. We’re already excited for the 2015 event – five years would have been too long to wait!