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Antiretroviral Treatment

Antiretroviral therapy is allowing people to live longer and HIV is now considered to be a manageable chronic condition.

Over the years medication has become easier to take with less tablets,  more options to take one tablet a day and less dietary restrictions associated with taking medication. However, some foods alter the effectiveness of antiretroviral medications.  It is important to be aware of which foods may increase or decrease the effectiveness of the particular medication you are taking.

Always follow the advice of your HIV healthcare team when you are taking medication.  Adherence (taking tablets on time and as prescribed) is vitally important to treatment success. If you are unsure about when to take your tablets or whether a drug should be taken with or without food ask your healthcare team or speak to the Food Chain dietitian.

For more general guidance on specific antiretroviral drugs the NAM aidsmap website have a drug chart that is regularly updated and can provide detailed information for a antiretrovialmedications.

If you have any concerns, always seek the advice of your doctor, pharmacistor HIV dietitian who can provide you with specific advice