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Chickpea and egg salad

Light Meal / Dairy Free / Lactose Free / Shellfish Free / Low in Saturated Fats / Suitable for Diabetics / Healthy heart recipe / Vegetarian

Chickpea and egg salad

Serves: 5

Preparation time: 40minutes

Cooking time:

Submitted by: Lead Cooks Working Group


2.5 tins or 150g dried chickpeas
2.5 eggs hard boiled and chopped
65ml Olive oil
2 tsp Capers
20ml Balsamic vinegar
3 cloves Garlic - minced
8 tsps fresh thyme - minced
Salt and Pepper
Pita bread or large slices of French bread


1. If using dried chickpeas, soak overnight and then boil for 1 hour or until soft, rinse in cold water
2. Boil eggs (boil the day before if possible) and shell then chop up
3. Chop capers roughly
4. Mince garlic and thyme and place in a bowl with the oil and vinegar
5. Add chickpeas, stir well and add the egg
6. Season with salt and pepper then stir gently to coat the ingredients
7. Refrigerate
8. Serve with pita bread or a chunk of French bread

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