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African Peanut Stew (Pork or Chicken)

Main Course / Dairy Free / Lactose Free / Shellfish Free / Low Cholesterol / West African / Halal / Plain Soft Food / Healthy heart recipe

African Peanut Stew (Pork or Chicken)

Serves: 5

Preparation time:

Cooking time:

Submitted by: Lead Cooks Working Group


750g Boneless Pork or Chicken cut into cubes
100g Unsalted peanuts
2 Plum tomatoes, deseeded and chopped
Half tsp Curry powder hot
Half tsp Ground coriander
Half tsp Ground cumin
1 tsp Crushed red pepper flakes
Half tsp Ground ginger
Quater tsp Cinnamon
50g Coriander
1 Bay leaf
1 Green pepper
1 and a half Garlic cloves, minced
1 tsp Salt
2 tbsps Tomato puree
100mls Chunky peanut butter
250mls Peanut oil
10mls or 2 tsps Olive oil
375mls Chicken stock
Salt and pepper to taste


1) Heat 1 tbsp of the oil on a high heat and add the meat cubes. Cook until soft (Pork approx 10 to 15 minutes or chicken approx 5 to 10 minutes).

2) Add the garlic, curry powder, coriander, cumin and crushed pepper and cook for 1 minute

3) Add the ginger, cinnamon, bay leaf, salt, chicken stock and tomato puree

4) Bring the liquid to a boil. Cover and simmer on a low heat for 45 minutes. Add the peanut butter and blend in well. If using chicken, reduce the simmer to around 25 minutes, then check to see if it is cooked through.

5) Uncover and cook for a further 5 minutes to thicken

6) Stir in the chopped tomato and green pepper. Simmer for 5 minutes or until the vegetables soften but retain their shape.

7) Taste to correct the seasoning.

Serving suggestions

Flat leaf Parsley to garnish


1) Sauté some garlic in olive oil, then stir in some chopped squash.

2) Cook for several minutes, stirring occasionally. Then add tomatoes, salt and pepper. Reduce the heat and cover. Cook until slightly tender


1) Cook rice according to packet instructions.

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