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Eating Positively


Eating Positively is our programme of interactive nutrition and cookery classes. With one afternoon lesson per week over a 4 week course.  One of our dietitians teaches people how to better manage their diets and use nutrition to help lead a healthier lifestyle. The chef leads the hands-on cookery section of the class to give people the skills and confidence to put their new-found nutrition knowledge into practise at home.

Who are they for?

The classes are available to anyone living with HIV in London.

The classes are suitable for everyone – from complete beginners to experienced cooks who would like to learn some new recipes, and of course how to put the nutrition theory into practise!

What do they cover?

Each of the four classes covers a slightly different theme. They are specifically designed to help people living with HIV develop an understanding of nutrition and food skills in order to:

  •   Increase people’s confidence in the kitchen
  •   Better manage their own health
  •   Reduce their risk of developing further health complications
  •   Improve their overall quality of life.

The classes are also a great opportunity to meet other people living with HIV and share experiences.

Each class is led by our friendly chef and specialist dietitians, and the topics covered are;

  •   Introduction to nutrition and HIV
  •   Eating well on a budget to manage symptoms and side-effects
  •   How to keep your heart healthy
  •   Reducing your risk of diabetes

When can I start?

Due to the ongoing government guidance relating to COVID-19, our kitchen is currently closed and face to face services are suspended. Please keep an eye on this page for updates as the situation changes, and if you have any questions email

How do I access them?

There are two ways to access these classes.  If you have recently received support from The Food Chain, but not yet attended Eating Positively you can email and ask if it is possible to join the next course.

Alternatively you can ask your HIV clinic or HIV support group to refer you.


Service Feedback:

"I found them extremely useful and educational, and great fun. A big thank you to the nutritionist who laid to rest many food myths. A big thank you too to Luis (the chef) for his brilliant delivery. His knowledge of food and how to combine ingredients is phenomenal."


“Just back from the cookery class ... It was great. The Food chain team were very good at teaching these skills...I might even stop using my oven for magazines storage … The information sheets about the important nutritional elements for a healthy diet are brilliant...I have pinned them on my memo board in my kitchen. Many thanks." 



Private Eating Positively classes for HIV support groups

***Currently suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions***

We can bring our Introduction to Nutrition class to HIV support groups all over London, so that the service is accessible to the widest possible range of people. This comprises an informal group discussion about nutrition and a cookery demonstration of some simple, healthy and delicious recipes.

If you run an HIV support group and would be interested in organising an Eating Positively class, please contact us by emailing Your venue does not need to have its own kitchen, as we can bring portable cookery equipment with us.

Private Class Feedback

“Just to say a BIG, and important, THANK YOU to all the team, for really bringing to life diet and nutrition, through the Eating Positively programme … little gems of advice are unearthed every time. Keep up the good the good work."

Alistair, London Gay Men’s Group

“On behalf of the French speaking group, I would like to say a huge thank you to your organisation and especially to Catherine, Luis and the volunteer. Well done guys, that was fabulous and very informative. … Service users have greatly enjoyed the session and I’m sure the group would appreciate it if you could come back for a follow-up session"

Henriette Shulungu, Development Worker for African Communities in Redbridge, Positive East

"The group was really engaged from start to finish. Aoife's introduction about Nutrition and HIV really got the group thinking and talking about the importance of good nutrition.  Your demo for the quinoa salad and the salsa were perfect - the group could ask questions as you went through it which I think is really important in a setting like that.  It was really interesting looking around the room and finding out how familiar a kitchen setting is to everyone - there was a real mix in this group and it was great to see both the volunteers and participants working so well together and helping each other out.  Everyone enjoyed the food immensely and there was a sense of pride as everyone finished making the quesadillas and sat down to eat together what they'd prepared and cooked."

Alice Williams, Adult Services Manager, Living Well


These classes were kindly supported by the Big Lottery Fund until 31 December 2015: