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How to Access Services


To access The Food Chain’s services, you must be referred.

We accept referrals from social workers, other HIV organisations, and health care professionals such as doctors, hospital dietitians, and consultants.

If you think you need our services please contact a health care professional at your clinic or doctors surgery, or a social care professional (this may be at another charity where you receive support), to ask them to refer you.

Your referrer will be required to complete a referral form, providing an assessment of your needs.

If you do not have a doctor, attend a clinic, access other support services or are not sure how to be referred, it is possible to contact us for information. However we can not contact a referrer on your behalf.

Can I refer myself directly to The Food Chain?

Unfortunately not.  In order to provide you with the best possible support The Food Chain requires detailed information about your health and social situation.  This needs to be confirmed as accurate by an approved referrer.  We rely on accurate information to ensure that we provide the right help to the right people, at the right time.  You will need to ask your health or social care professional, or someone from an HIV support organisation

Where can I find a referrer?

The best person to speak to about a referral to The Food Chain is the person who currently manages your HIV care because they already know your needs.  You can also ask your social worker or someone from another HIV support organisation whether they are an approved referrer.  If you can not find an approved referrer we may be able to suggest some places for you try, but we do not recommend referrers.

How to refer someone to The Food Chain

To refer someone for nutritional support from The Food Chain your organisation will first need to apply to be an approved referral organisation.  Referral organisations can be from the health or social care sectors, or be other HIV support organisations. If your organisation would like to be approved to refer people living with HIV in London please email and we will be in touch. 

If your organisation is an approved referrer then the key contact will have given us the names of people who can refer.  If this includes you we will have issued you with unique log in details by email.  If you are not sure whether your organisation is an approved referrer or who your key contact is please email