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If you are ready for a real challenge, then how about standing on the edge of a plane door, flying at 10,000 feet, jumping out and travelling at 120 mile per hour towards the ground!?

Skydiving is run by a friendly partner organisation who have years of experience in hosting jumps for charity supporters. Most people choose to take part in a tandem jump for which no experience is required and training takes place on the day of the jump. With a tandem jump an instructor is strapped to your back rather than a static jump which is an individual jump.

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There are 40 jump sites across the UK, most people from London to choose to jump over Cambridge.

How we'll support you

As well as leaving us in awe we will send you a fundraising pack, ask our supporters to sponsor your bravery in the monthly e-newsletter and send you a Food Chain T-shirt.

Registration Fee and Sponsorship

To qualify for a free tandem jump you need to raise a minimum of £395.

Number of places

Limitless - so why not get a work team together or encourage some friends to join you?

Super Skydivers

In September 2011, Gerald Patterson took to the skies and completed a 10,000 feet freefall skydive (below). His story is truly inspiring, and we're really grateful that he chose to jump for us. Gerald raised over £1,100.

Gerald has been been living with HIV for 23 years. In 2008 he became seriously ill, was in and out of hospital and received emergency food hampers from The Food Chain.

"It was such a pleasure, and a real lifeline, to get home from hospital and find fresh groceries. The meals and groceries made recovering and feeding myself so much easier."

In April 2013, Joshua Cardale signed up to skydive for The Food Chain. Inspired by his girlfriend Sue and her volunteering efforts for The Food Chain, Josh has decided to make a unique contribution of his own by skydiving from 10,000ft and raising £665. Find out more about why Josh decided to skydive for us here.