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For more than 30 years The Food Chain has helped people living with HIV in London at times of crisis in their lives.  Our work makes a life-saving difference to families across London every year. 

We depend entirely on charitable income. The funding available for HIV support services is shrinking and the charity needs your support more than ever.

Today there are still people living with HIV in London who struggle to live healthy lives, despite modern medication. They are in physical or mental health crisis, on low or no income and have no food.

At the launch of our fundraising campaign in 2019, our Patron, Jay Rayner, called on everyone to help in any way they can.  

‘The Food Chain isn’t merely an important charity. For many people it has literally been a life saver. After 30 years on the frontline of HIV care and support it simply can not be allowed to go under. Too many people depend upon it.’

In the words of one person supported by The Food Chain

“The Food Chain is a life saver, when you really need it, they are there. It’s not just food. You come here and you get kindness, support. Everything.”

Thank you for helping Sustain The Food Chain

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