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Support The Food Chain when you shop online!

Thousands of retailers, including Tesco, will now donate to The Food Chain when you shop with them!

Make a purchase and selected retailers will make a donation to The Food Chain, at no extra cost to you and none to us.

All you need to do is go to the Give As You Live website and select The Food Chain before starting your online shopping. Additionally, you can install the Give As You Live shopping bar on Google so that you never forget to raise money for The Food Chain. It’s 100% safe to use and works on all modern browsers.

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Once you sign up, you can select the retailer of your choice who will donate a proportion of the sale to The Food Chain if you shop online with them. It’s completely effortless, and with so many retailers involved, there’s no need to change your shopping habits either!

You can find out how much you’ve donated and how much has been raised for The Food Chain overall by visiting your account page.