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We want you to feel confident and competent when you are performing  your duties which is why we offer a robust training programme. All training needs to be completed within three months of attending an Induction.

Kitchen Skills and Health and Safety

This two hour session aims to familiarise new volunteers with The Food Chain kitchen safety and food safety practices. Volunteers will be led on a tour of the kitchen and receive instructions on how to use and maintain our equipment. It also covers essential kitchen safety including, gas and fire safety, knife skills and COSHH.

Service User Support training

This two hour session aims to equip volunteers with basic skills in mental health awareness and active listening skills. Living with a long term health condition may impact negatively on a person’s mental health. 

Level 2 Food Safety training

Lead Cooks need a Level 2 Food Safety certificate. This is accredited training funded by The Food Chain. Lead Cooks complete the training online and it takes between 2-3 hours.