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"After receiving The Food Chain service, I’m the envy of a lot of people … "

“I found out about The Food Chain for the first time through the Terrence Higgins Trust nurse at the HIV clinic. I explained the situation that I was in – some days I went without eating and I had to make some very difficult choices about where to spend money – and so she referred me to The Food Chain. I’ve always been self-reliant and I found it borderline embarrassing to ask for help.

“I had so much going on at the time. I was just recovering from being homeless, and had a battle to get benefits. I had a lost a lot of weight and my main worry always was money. All together, I was not in a good place.

“After I was referred to the Food Chain, I spoke with the dietitian there and the first service I received was a grocery delivery. I had the service for 6 weeks just before Christmas and the system that the charity has in place was wonderful and went like clockwork.

“It’s a shame that the delivery didn’t last longer but I am now very good and feeling better. It made such a difference to me in many ways: it reduced my shopping bill considerably and I didn’t run out of food – I had things that kept for a long time and there were plenty of supplies. I’ve put on weight considerably and for me that’s quite hard as I find it easy to lose weight – but harder to put it on, as I’m tall.

“Mainly, it’s given me much greater peace of mind – I feel more chilled out. I’m the envy of a lot of people. After receiving The Food Chain service, the last blood test that I had showed results that were the best they’ve ever been, and I couldn’t believe it. I am in very good shape and I wasn’t like that before. Good nutrition makes all the difference.

“What difference has The Food Chain made to me – where can I start?! Even before I received the grocery deliveries, the whole approach from the very start by the whole Food Chain team was excellent: from the staff to the volunteers – just everybody. I think all round The Food Chain charity provides an absolutely excellent service.”