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Anna Brewster - Services & Volunteer Manager


Anna is responsible for volunteer training, coordination and management at The Food Chain.
Assisted by two fantastic volunteer Rota Coordinators, Anna takes care of the volunteer side of things at the charity. She's been a loyal volunteer of ours for about six years, making the transition to staff member at the end of October 2016. Her aim is to ensure that all of the amazing people who donate their time and efforts to The Food Chain feel welcomed, valued, respected and supported. Anna's always loved being part of The Food Chain family, and she's very happy to be able to carry that on in a professional capacity. 
Since moving to London ten years ago her work experience has mostly been in volunteer management, mainly working with young adult volunteers in the social care sector. She's also worked with disability support and mentoring volunteers here in the UK, and with community development programmes overseas.

Contact Anna or 020 7843 1805