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Everything in the garden is lovely!

Spring is in the air and we are really looking forward to a new partnership project we are a part of that will be up and running by the end of March.  

We are working with The Calthorpe Community Garden, Positively UK and the YMCA to deliver The Seeds Project. This one-year project is aimed at people over the age of 50 who would like to be part of a horticulture club and take part in gardening and other outdoor activities. For our part we will provide nutrition workshops and cookery classes to develop people’s skills in cooking what they have grown and learning about how good nutrition can help support them to live well with HIV.  

We’re really looking forward to helping people turn their freshly-picked produce into delicious meals and it’s exciting to be working with new partner charities. We’re rooting for a great growing season and a blooming good project! 

We have also started partnership working with the Terrence Higgins Trust to provide our dietetic advice and food delivery service to people who are living in Hertfordshire and in need of support. We will also be developing an online ‘Ask the Dietitian’ service with them whereby people will be able to ask specific diet and nutrition related questions and get an answer by email from our HIV specialist Dietitians. These are both developments that will widen the reach of our services and benefit people who are not able to travel to The Food Chain for support. We know that there is a great deal of need outside of London and we are pleased to be extending our services in this way.  

We will take good care of our seedling projects this Spring and let you know how they get on later in the year.