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Kindness and cake!

There isn't a week goes by at The Food Chain without us receiving generous support for our work from very many different sources. It might be a kind individual donor, who makes a monthly payment to help keep us going, or a charitable trust that considers our application to merit some grant support. It could be people out and about in Soho who are pleased to help us out by filling our collection tins and buckets. Or someone like me, who likes to eat pies and so is very happy to attend a fundraising dinner in our kitchen!
Quite often it is someone who hasn't heard of The Food Chain before, that has some food items to spare and wants them to go to good use. They find us online, and bring along valuable grocery items that can go directly to our service users who need them. 
Every so often we hear news of someone who has remembered The Food Chain in their will and left us a bequest. We had news of one donation of this kind this week. It is very moving when this happens, and somehow especially so when the person is not previously known to us. It is a reminder that the work we do touches not just the lives of the people we support directly, but of others too. People in families, in friendship groups, in communities, over many years.  Our reach sometimes goes beyond what we know about. There are very many reasons why someone might want to leave a legacy for The Food Chain, and it what a tribute it is for us when they do.
It is very rewarding to know that all the work we do, every day, honours each and every one of our donors and supporters, whoever they are and whatever contribution they make. Our work is built on the gifts of many and is a daily reminder of human kindness. Thank you to everyone who makes The Food Chain possible. 
We have one of my favourite events coming up this month - The Cake  Sale at the Covent Garden May Fayre. It's such a treat to eat delicious home-made cakes at will, all afternoon.  Hope to see you there!