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Chicken and Mango Curry with Rice and Greens

Main Course / Dairy Free / Gluten Free / Lactose Free / Nut Free / Shellfish Free / Low in Saturated Fats / Central African / Caribbean / Low Sodium / Suitable for Diabetics / Halal / Healthy heart recipe / Indian

Chicken and Mango Curry with Rice and Greens

Serves: 5

Preparation time:

Cooking time: 30minutes

Submitted by: Lead Cooks Working Group


750gms Chicken (breast or boneless thighs)
40mls Vegetable oil
1 Onion (chopped)
2 Garlic cloves (minced)
1 tsp Black pepper
1 tsp Madras curry powder
1 Ripe Mango
300mls Chicken stock (Gluten free or Halal if necessary
Half a Lime (grated zest and juice)
6 tsps Fresh coriander
250gms Rice (dry weight)
400gms Greens (kale or cabbage or spring greens)


1. Cut the chicken breasts or thighs into pieces (large enough so they do not dry out when being cooked). If you can, marinade in the garlic, pepper and a large pinch of the madras curry powder (either overnight or for as long as you can)

2. Heat the vegetable oil and brown the chicken

3. Remove the chicken from the pan. Add in the onion. Cook gently, adding a few tablespoons of water to stop the onion from sticking

4. Stir in the madras curry powder, the mango, the garlic and the pepper if not used in the marinade

5. Add in the chicken stock. Simmer uncovered for around 5 minutes

6. Add in the chicken pieces. Cover and simmer for 10 to 15 minutes

7. Add in the juice, zest of the lime and the fresh chopped coriander

8. Check the chicken is cooked through and has reached a hot temperature (should be at least 90c)

9. Cook the rice according to the packet instructions

10. Wash and chop up the greens. Boil or part steam until tender

Serving suggestions

Additional information/useful tips:
This is a curry and does not need exact weights so use your judgement when cooking, and taste throughout.

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