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Chicken Puttanesca

Main Course / Dairy Free / Gluten Free / Lactose Free / Nut Free / Shellfish Free / Low in Saturated Fats / Suitable for Diabetics / Healthy heart recipe / European

Chicken Puttanesca

Serves: 5

Preparation time:

Cooking time:

Submitted by: Lead Cooks Working Group


1 kg Chicken breast or legs (part boned)
Or 1 thigh and 1 drumstick per person
45 mls Olive oil
6 Garlic cloves (peeled and crushed)
2 tsps Dried mixed herbs
Half a tin of Anchovies, chopped (based on a 50g tin)
2 and half tsps Small red chillies (de-seeded and finely chopped) Not scotch bonnet or dried chilli flakes
2 Tins tomatoes (chopped) Can be a mixture of tinned and fresh
20 mls Tomato puree
1 Chicken stock cube (if not using anchovies)
130 gms Black olives pitted and roughly chopped
45 gms Capers drained and roughly chopped
1 Onion peeled and finely chopped
3 tbsp Fresh basil washed and chopped
Salt and black pepper to taste
400 gms Green beans or fine green beans (frozen) or broccoli
400 gms Carrots
400 gms New potatoes (approx 3 per person)
10mls Olive oil
25 gms approx. Rosemary. Washed and roughly chopped (springs not stalks)


1. Heat the oven to hot 190

Serving suggestions

The anchovies are included to add depth of flavour. It will not taste fishy at all. But, if you have anyone who is allergic to fish then you may need to take out or do a separate non-anchovy version

A very effective alternative to browning the chicken in a frying pan is to roast them in the oven and then add in the sauce on the top for the last 20 minutes or so

If there is not enough room in the oven for roast potatoes just do boiled instead and garnish with mint or buttered sage rather than rosemary

Frozen beans are fine but cooking time can vary

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