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Celebrate The Food Chain - Save The Food Chain!

This is a very important time for The Food Chain.

Our future is at risk and it is time for us to ask for help from all our friends, supporters, allies, donors and the general public.

Fifty years on from the Stonewall Uprising and the start of the modern gay rights movement, we will be taking to the streets of London for this year’s Pride to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, to continue the campaign for equality, and this time, to also ask for the help and support we need to see The Food Chain through a very difficult time financially.

For us, it is the start of a campaign to secure the future of the food and nutrition support services that we know are a lifeline for people who are not living well with HIV in London, despite modern medication.

The fact of the matter is that after several years of austerity and cuts in public spending there is more and more demand on all sources of charitable income, and less and less funding available.

At the same time, the people we support have increasingly complex and multiple needs. They have poor physical or mental health, low or no income, no food, and sometimes no housing. Many are isolated and lonely and have known years of stigma and discrimination because of their HIV status.

At a time when things are getting better and better in terms of HIV prevention and treatment it is very sad to reflect that for those who still need direct health and social care support to come anywhere close to living well with HIV, life is getting worse and worse. Their needs are less visible and their voices are often not heard.

The Food Chain is one of only a few places left in London where people can come for the support they need, where they can feel safe and valued, have a hot, nutritious meal and enjoy the company of others.

Some people may have doubts about the present-day need for our work and the value and impact we have. Through our campaign we must dispel those doubts. The support offered by The Food Chain is needed every bit as much today as it was when we began in 1988. People’s needs are different, but the essence is the same.

Please do all you can to support our campaign. We are all part of the The Food Chain’s fantastic story.

Together, we can write the next chapter.

Thank you for your help.